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Walk Away

Sometimes it isn’t giving up, it’s just wising up.

I am a firm believer in working towards a goal and doing the best with what you have. However there are times when the time, talent, and heart you put into something isn’t worth the end result.

I know when to walk away.

Girl Walking Away

You know when it’s not worth your time and talent. And time is all we have. . .

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Saving Earth

We have but one planet to call home. We must stop being wasteful. We must work together and clean up the messes that we have made.

I love Earth, and I am doing everything in my power to save her.

the beauty of nature

It’s time to evolve.

If these stories about the oil spills messing up the Florida beaches and killing ocean life aren’t a good enough wake up call, what will it take?


I have been so busy lately, I think I might be over-complicating my communication.

I need to simplify things today.

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Try New Things

To get your feet wet (mainly an American expression) means to experience something for the first time, especially something that involves taking a risk.

It is time to get my feet wet.

One Quarter

One quarter of the year is over…

It’s time to cut my losses, count my success, and move forward!

It’s time to start making some change!

Spring is Coming

March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Can you feel it?

I get outside everyday and am sure to enjoy the springtime.

Spring is almost here. Don’t miss it!

Powers for Good

February 5, 2010 4 comments

I use my powers for good.


We all have a “power” of some kind or another. Use it, and do good things.